Photos from Belmont Idol 2016!

We had variety of talents this year!  Singers, drummer, dancer…  Thank you all for participating.   All so talented!  I hope more people will participate next year!

Also, a participant’s parent took and put together a video.  Here it is. Enjoy!

DL9A6305 DL9A6306 DL9A6307 DL9A6312 DL9A6322 DL9A6332 DL9A6346 DL9A6347 DL9A6357 DL9A6374 DL9A6390 DL9A6420 DL9A6436 DL9A6437 DL9A6438 DL9A6439 DL9A6440 DL9A6441

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